"Love is the Water of Life..."

This is one of the happiest moments of most peoples' entire lives. A day your Pinterest board you made when you were a teenager of your dream dress and decorations can finally come to life. Of course, you want those memories to be immortalized, and those feelings to be beautifully set in stone. In honor of Valentine's Day, it’s time to talk about taking photos for the greatest celebration of love: your wedding day. 


To begin with, weddings are usually more intensive sessions. Wedding sessions usually take place on the day of your wedding, and the photographer you hire will most likely be there for the entire day. 

Your photographer will capture candid moments during the wedding, while doing their absolute best to stay out of the way. It is very important to communicate what types of pictures you want taken during your wedding, and if there’s anything you absolutely do not want. For example; some couples absolutely love the aisle shots while they’re at the altar, while others may find that distracting during the ceremony. It’s not uncommon for those photos to be taken separately of the ceremony, so the photographer is not a distraction at all. Others don’t mind, and they want photos to be capturing a moment rather than just a memory, which is completely fine too!

Your photographer will most likely do a combination of candid shots, and posed shots. There should be time set aside for you and your wedding party to give the photographer your undivided attention. Your photographer will most likely lead you to an area without guests, and urge you to schedule in a time when the lighting is still good. These should be given ample time, as it’s very important for many couples to get photos with all their family, their wedding party, friends, and so on. It’s a lot of people to corral so we try our very best to plan and make the process as smooth as possible!

It is also very common for pictures to be taken of the getting ready process, the venue, the rings, the decorations, or other important markers of the wedding itself. These photos are often some of my favorites because they readily capture the essence of how it all felt that day. 

There are some other aspects when planning wedding pictures to be mindful of. Like weddings themselves, we as photographers cannot control the weather. We always hope for the best, but we cannot always guarantee perfection. However, the show must go on and I can guarantee your photographer will do their absolute best to ensure you get at least something you love. Another thing to note, wedding sessions are generally more expensive than any other session. The reason being is many photographers have to hire an assistant for the day, and it's a lot more labor intensive than other sessions may be. Myself and many other photographers who don’t specialize in wedding photography, may only book up to a couple a year. There are some photographers who all they do is wedding photography, which makes them at times a bit easier to book with. If you’re planning a wedding, I recommend booking a photographer very far in advance, especially if you have one you know for sure you want to take your photos. 

That all being said, I hope you found this post useful, and it made the entire premise of the photos you’ll get on your wedding day far less daunting! Congratulations, I am wishing you all a long and happy marriage. 


Thanks for reading and as always, click here to contact me with any questions or inquiries!

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