What a beautiful moment you got to experience, you truly have so many wonderful chapters to look forward to in your life going forward. Many clients after engagement are in search of a way to capture the memories forever… I’d recommend everyone look into engagement photos!

What are engagement photos?

Engagement photos are a session for you and your love, showing off the beginning of your new journey together. Engagement photos are all about capturing that spark and joy, letting your feelings bleed through the picture. These photos are often done outside during warmer weather, but anything can be arranged! 

Sometimes engagement photos are even taken during the engagement. Your special someone may hire a photographer to capture the exact moment of the proposal, and then take engagement photos after! Usually proposal photos are separate from engagement photos, but I've seen cases where they're lumped together too!

What can I use my engagement photos for?

A lot of clients use the photos they receive as engagement announcements on social media. It makes for a classy and heart melting proclamation of your newfound relationship status. It’s something exciting and should be celebrated! Many people also chose to get their engagement photos professionally printed. I’ve seen some get them put onto canvases, in frames, and I’ve even seen creative use of engagement photos for wedding décor! 

How should I prepare for engagement photos?

Just bring yourself and your beautiful fiancé, really! This session is all about capturing your love that will blossom for many years to come, and signify a change in your relationship status. I usually recommend doing outdoor engagement sessions, as they tend to look absolutely gorgeous (especially at golden hour), but of course there's other options too. As for clothing, I would say keep it simple and classy, but something that reflects you as people. Usually not too fancy, but in something your confident in and wouldn't mind displaying. Other than that, there's not much else to prepare!

With all that being said, I highly recommend looking into booking a session for engagement photos! They’re always so fun and turn out just stunning. Be on the look out for a blog all about wedding photography in the upcoming months! 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Wishing you all the best!

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