Lights, Camera, Action!

So you’ve booked a session to get that long needed headshot done, but the looming question remains: How do I prepare? Here are my headlining tips on how to get resume, business, and professional headshot ready!

1 | Wear solid/muted colors

A headshots main focus is you, not your outfit! Choose something plain, flattering, and that looks good from the bust up, but nothing too overwhelming or crazy. 

2 | Chose the perfect hair and makeup

Before your headshot session, I recommend getting your haircut the way you like it and the way you're comfortable with. Don’t go with a big change right before you get your headshot done or regrets may come in suit. This goes for the styling too; pick something casual yet familiar to you. Of course, if you're a lady and want to go for curls but don’t everyday, that’s still a wonderful option and they turn out looking nice. As for makeup, don’t go overboard. Headshots are very close up, so you don’t want to look cakey or too done up. Keep the eye makeup neutral and stay with, again, what you’re comfortable with. Remember: Hair and makeup is there to enhance your look, not define it!

3 | Prep yourself the night before

To look your best, treat yourself the best the night before. Eat a good meal with lots of nutrients, and get your beauty sleep to avoid harsh dark circles. Wash your face before going to sleep, and even choose to use a new pillow case to avoid those annoying last minute break outs. Night before tip: DO NOT USE NEW PRODUCTS! The last thing you want is to put something new on your face that might irritate it, so just use what you know works for your skin for the best results.

Best tip of all: Don’t stress!

As long as you bring your best smile forward, your photographer will work their magic and bring that headshot to life!

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