Not as Hard as it Seams . . .

What to wear is the biggest question and source of panic leading up to any family photo shoot. You want the memories to be absolutely perfect, and finding outfits feels impossible! Never fear, this post is here to quench some of that stress with these tips and tricks. 


-Find a palette you adore with 3-5 colors

-> Too much will make things incohesive, and too few will make it boring… It's all about balance! (More info below)

-Lean towards muted, neutral colors

-> This depends on the photographer, but for me personally, muted tones bring the focus to your beautiful faces and not the clothes!

-Mix patterns, textures, and plains

-> Great way to add new elements to your color palette

-> Florals, plaids, strips, etc. are all great options!

-Add layering (leggings, jackets, vests, etc.)

-> This will add variety and depth to your apparel choice

-Add accessories (hats, scarfs, headbands, jewelry, etc.)


-Be totally matchy-matchy

-> While this may seem great in theory, it ends up looking plain and everyone's personalities doesn’t get to shine through their clothes

-Wear bright, bold colors, or athletic apparel with logos

-> This will take the focus away from you and your family, and often these colors are too loud! Athletic clothes tend to have a tighter fit making it uncomfortable when sitting or constant adjusting.

-Wear big logos

-> Sometimes simpler is better

-Avoid glasses with transition lenses if possible

-Have chipping nail polish, dirty nails, or bright nail polish

-> Use your upcoming session as an excuse to pamper those nails ;) You’ll thank me later!

Where do I even start!

I recommend starting with mom, and forming the family outfits around her instead of the other way around. We moms tend to be a bit pickier, but somehow get lost in the chaos of choosing those perfect outfits and scramble at the end, so instead, eliminate that by starting with you! Find something comfortable you’d love to add to your wardrobe anyways that’ll make you feel confident on picture day. Bring a small bag to put everything in and set aside during sessions. Fill that bag up with water and DRY snacks for your kiddos to avoid those messy faces and hangry children. 

Be mindful of where the session takes! Ex. If it’s in a big grassy field don’t wear heels, the last thing we want is an injury during your session. 

Colors 101

Pull out those muted neutral tones, and let those bright logoed shirts sit this one out! While fun colors may sound good in theory, it can cause a lot of problems when the photos are taken. They can wash you out, reflect off the skin, and they’re a lot harder to make look good all together. Below, you can see this comprehensive color guide on just how to choose what color looks best for you (feel free to mix and match the categories within your session);

Peach, Yellow, and Red skin undertones -> Warm earth tones (Brown, rust, tan, black, etc.)

Pale, pink, skin undertones -> Cool tones (Blues, olive green, creams, etc.)

For a pop of color -> Muted tones (Mauve, mustard, deep orange/burnt red, dark fuchsia, dark teal, etc.)

Spring time session-> Cooler, muted/pastel tones or neutrals

Fall/Summer session-> Warm earth tones with some color pop

All that's left is for you and your beautiful family show up and let your photographer work their magic!

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