"Despite the Forecast, Live Like it's Spring..."

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If you’re anything like me, you’re yearning for spring to just be here already. As a native Minnesotan, we are currently experiencing the ‘false hope cycle’ of spring the midwest bestows upon us. It has been really nice, and just recently got cold again! There’s even snow in some places here in MN too, and it’s almost Easter! Because of this unpredictable cold weather, I have found myself yearning for spring, and cannot help but truly look forward to when this hot-cold weather is finished. For this blog, I want to fantasize and ramble about the blossoming spring sessions we are soon approaching!

As I mentioned before, in some places the weather is pretty unpredictable during the spring time. Unfortunately, especially in the midwest, we have no sure fire way to guarantee nice weather in these early months of spring. I’d say here it gets solidly nice around May, before flying straight into full time Summer weather. Sometimes if we’re lucky it'll get nice in April too, but April tends to be rainier. Midwest springs are some of my favorite times of the year, as the world turns green again and all the flowers blossom. We don’t have greenery year round, but when it comes back, you tend to appreciate it a lot more and truly admire nature's beauty.

So, onto the photography of it all; what kinds of photography opportunities come with spring? I will gladly tell you! Easter sessions are a really cute way to ring in springtime. With eggs, bunnies, chicks, and pastels, appreciating the new growth and warmth while celebrating the holiday. While all photographers do not offer sessions like this, sometimes individuals may do some mini sessions or have a little set up upon request. However, a specifically Easter themed session isn’t everyone's jam, so I’d like to introduce the wonders of just a springtime session!

In Spring, to me it seems like the world is at its brightest and greenest after just growing in. The sun seems to shimmer in a way that is different from Summer's golden glow, but unique in its own way. It is the kind of sunshine that warms the earth, and I encourage families to branch out and seek spring sessions if they have yet to try! Spring sessions tend to have a very elegant and flowy feeling, and some people love leaning into those vibes. Whites and light pastel colors tend to look the best when outside to contrast with the new leaves and grass, providing the best natural contrast this world has to offer. Another perk to Spring sessions is that the weather doesn’t seem to be as extreme. In the Summertime it seems we may have sweltering hot or raging thunderstorms, while Springs here in the midwest are a bit more comfortable and mild. Be wary as I mentioned earlier that the temperature is still quite unpredictable in its essence!

To wrap things up, this post was truly just a rambling about my love for springtime and the gorgeous sessions that come along with it! Spring to me is all about embracing a new era and welcoming change. I encourage you to consider a season that is sometimes overlooked between the long winter and the upcoming summer. 

Thanks for reading, feel free to click here to contact me with any questions! See you all next time!

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