Dear Sweater Weather...

The world is beginning it's change once again, as we prepare for the long and cold winter. The leaves shift their hues as they slowly drift from the trees, giving the world a beautiful glow one last time until spring. It's a wonderful time, cozied up with pumpkin spice and cinnamon, enjoying your boots and flannels before winter comes in it's bitter storm. As a photographer, I can think of almost nothing more wonderful than a fall time family photo session. Today, I'm going to give you the reasons why you 100% need to seek one out this fall, as your local photographers begin to open up their fall slots.

1| Cozy Vibes

This is the time of year you can bust out all that cute layering and knitted action! No need to worry about finding light airy clothes that coordinate as sweater weather approaches us, I find the flannel and sweater style is a hundred times easier to style than spring and summer clothes. Something about it always looks so cohesive and warm in photos, and it makes for some of the cutest family snuggle pics with blankets and scarves.

2| The Leaves and Colors

Of course, one of the biggest features of fall is the changing leaves that surround the world. We live in a part of the world blessed with the beautiful autumn season! Fall Time is going to bring your session to life with the warm colors of red oranges and yellows, and often it makes us look more lively and inviting in pictures. Not to mention, you can even pair those fall colors with a golden hour sunset to experience some of the most naturally bright and breathtaking hues the world has to offer. 

3| The Seasonal Timing

I find that fall time just so happens to fall right before my clients busiest times of the year. A lot of my clients use their fall time session photos on their Christmas cards because it is just so difficult to find time amidst the holidays for a session, even if you intend to. It also takes card manufacturers time to make your cards and ship them out, so you always want to make sure you have it prepared well in advance. Most fall sessions occur before thanksgiving and the Holiday season, so it’s nice to get them out of the way. Fair warning, sometimes we are at the mercy of the weather here in Minnesota. We may get a little bit of snow with your scheduled session, but it’s nothing we can’t take as we go and discuss our options if that does occur!

Speaking of fall, I just opened up my bookings for the coming season, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested! As always, if you have any questions about available sessions or anything else feel free to contact me!

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