Time is Valuable,

I understand this as well as everyone else. A big factor that often stops people from scheduling a photography session is the image of grueling hours spent behind the camera trying to get the perfect pose. Your face will hurt from smiling, your back will ache from standing… Honestly, that probably sounds terrible. However, this blog post is here to tell you that the stereotype of sessions taking forever and ever isn’t always the case, and you have many options.

What are my choices if my schedule is tight?

Many families are constantly on the go. Whether it be with sports, work, school, whatever it may be, there aren’t many large chunks of time open to spend hours on taking some pictures. Or maybe say you're trying to schedule a large multigenerational photoshoot with a lot of people... the more people you schedule with, the harder it may be. Say you need to get some photos done, to refresh those you did years ago, but honestly don’t want to be the person to pull out the tripod and take them yourself… fear not, you have an option! 

I’m once again introducing you to the wonderful world of Mini sessions. I talked about the difference between these and full sessions in another post ( click here for more detailed information) but at the end of the day, when talking about time, these sessions are far quicker. Think only about 30 minutes at most to get your photos in. It isn’t a huge commitment compared to other forms of sessions, where it may take more preparation. Also, it tends to be easier to find a specific time to schedule a mini-session with photographers because many tend to schedule mini-sessions in a few blocks of time. You could easily weasel it in around other things, compared to a full session which may be a bit harder to pull off.

These shorter sessions are also perfect for families who have very young children. Their patience is pretty limited before they go full tiny Tasmanian devil mode, so sticking in a full session for their first time doing photos may be sort of testing your luck. 

But what if I want to be able to take my time?

Something about mini sessions is that they may sometimes feel slightly rushed. It’s the trade off of trying to get as much done in a short period of time as possible so you have as much variety to choose from as you can. For some people, that style is not preferred at all. That’s okay! When talking time, there is now the opposing option. 

Full sessions tend to allow for a longer period of time. Many families may find this pace to be a bit more relaxed and easy going, but reminder is a longer time commitment. Full sessions are about an hour compared to the mini sessions at a half hour, so you are committing to double the time of a mini session. This choice is better for people who want a more extensive and personalized photoshoot, and for those who really value a more slow paced and steady session. 

One last note to add is if there are any issues with timing, or a busy schedule, never be afraid to talk to your desired photographer to try and make it work. Their schedules may not align with yours but many photographers, including myself, will be happy to refer you to others who may work better for your schedule. At the end of the day, whether busy as a bee or free like a bird, I hope you can find the best way to get your dream session. 

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