No Winter Lasts Forever...

A little while back I made a post about photo sessions in autumn, so I decided it’s my time for me to make a post all about winter photography! This is a time of year, especially for those of us that live where there are colder climates, that feels especially desolate and maybe a bit sad. I’m here to tell you that if you’ve been looking to get photos done, you are not limited by mother nature's activities! Plenty of people take photos in the winter and here's how. 

First and foremost, there are studio sessions. In the winter time, I and many other photographers offer an indoor session to be taken in our studios. This way we are protected by the elements and you can wear whatever it is you see fit. Of course this limits space in turn, but some people really do prefer the look and not have to worry about weather. I did a full post about studio sessions a while back so click here if you’d like to read that. 

There are many people who take outdoor winter photos! The look of them can be just dreamy, especially again, if you live somewhere where it snows. Winter can be harsh and unpredictable though, so my general suggestion is to always try and dress for the weather. If you have little ones and you’re thinking about braving winter, I recommend not forcing them into clothes that aren’t weather appropriate. It can already be difficult to wrangle little ones for pictures, it would only make it worse if they were freezing cold. I always think the cozy bundled up vibe is just perfect for winter family sessions! Perfect excuse to get those blanket-cuddle-hug pictures, that people are not too thrilled about in summer's heat.

Another big draw to winter would have to be the holiday photos that come out of it. The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year, and while we are past that now, that's just another reason to love winter photography. The snowy weather, the red and green colors, celebrating love and warmth, what isn't there to enjoy?

Winter, like any other season, should be cherished. We shouldn't stop the capturing of memories just because of the cold. We can't let winters weather dictate what we can and can't do because that will only contribute further to that feeling of seasonal dread. There are are many wonderful opportunities and moments to be found in winter as well, we just have to search for them a little harder.

Thanks for reading and as always, click here to contact me with any questions or inquiries!

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