Dear Upcoming Cap and Gowners,

I hear you’re nearing the end of your time in high school, how exciting! I'll be you’ve heard the word about the infamous ‘senior session’, or maybe you haven't yet. A senior session is a photography session that takes place the summer before or during the fall time of your senior year to commemorate all your schooling achievements. That said, maybe you would like to get some photos done, but don’t quite know what to expect or where to start.... Here's a post just for you!

Where to start

First and foremost, do a little research on photographers in your area. There’s quite a few options, so rest assured! 

You could go with the photographer partnered with your school as the cheapest option, however, be wary these photos will not be of the highest quality and will not be very personalized to you as a person. These photographers are focused on doing as many seniors as possible in a short turnaround time, thus their low prices. For some people, this is the best option, but it isn’t the only one!

The other choice would be to go with an independent photographer outside of your school, like myself! Photographers like myself have more creative freedom and liberty when it comes to our senior sessions, and often have a particular style to our photos. Look into various photographers on social media to find a style you love for your senior photos, then get in contact with them to book your session!

Typically senior sessions take place in the late summer/early fall at the beginning of your senior year. This allows for the photos to be edited in a timely manner and for you to have them as you’re going into your last year of high school to share with all your friends and on socials (don’t want to miss out on #SPS!).

What to expect at your session

The session is booked, you want it to be perfect, and you’re stressing out and wondering what exactly you need to do to prepare… It's all so much! I promise you, it’s not as overwhelming as it seems, so take a breath. 

Chat with your photographer beforehand and figure out what the general style of your session will be. Will it be City chic, Boho, Cozy Autumn sunset, or some seniors even do sessions with a nod to their high school activities. That way you can style your clothes around the aesthetic. 

Speaking of clothes: discuss with your photographer if outfit changes are allowed or not. For many senior sessions, photographers allow for a few different sets of clothes to really add variety into your photos. 

As for the photo results, you will be getting a variety of both colored and black and white photos of different varieties. Photographers like myself really try to do many different kinds of posing and locations so all your photos have a unique look to them and they aren’t just a repeat of one another (something school sponsored studios often lack). 

At the end of the day, this session is all about celebrating you and your accomplishments during your time in school. It’s also a way to look forward to what’s to come in your future. In your photos, be yourself and wear a style that is unique and true to you, as these are the memories you’ll get to look back to for years to come. If you’re reading this while preparing for your senior year or are currently enduring it, I give you my congratulations and good luck! I really hope I will get the honor and privilege of taking your photos. 

I hope this helps with your journey to book that Senior Session! Click here to see the breakdown of my senior session photography packages to learn more. As always, please reach out if you have any questions!