A New Baby is the Beginning of so Much...

From the moment they enter the world, newborns are constantly changing. I find that there are leaps and bounds of change that even happen in the first few days of them arriving. This is where the fresh 48 sessions come from! In this blog, I’ll inform all parents to be just what a fresh 48 session is, how it works, and why you absolutely need one. 

A fresh 48 session is a photo session that is taken of your new baby within two days of their birth. Oftentimes, these photos may be taken in the hospital or the families home in order to keep the baby from having to go out and about too much while they are still so vulnerable. A lot of parents wish to capture the memories from right after birth, in moments they may have been too exhausted to capture themselves. After a baby is born, you shouldn’t have to worry about memory making, so instead you can invite a photographer to help capture one of the most magical moments of your life for you!

So how exactly does this work? We all know a baby will come when the baby wants to come, so how exactly does a photographer account for this? Like the name states, we try to keep these sessions sometime within the first 48 hours. When you book with a photographer, you give them your due date, and they will be very mindful of what is being planned around that time. However, unpredictability is taken into account of course. When you go into labor, you should contact your photographer and let them know, and after the baby is born you should let them know asap. Most photographers will be able to be totally flexible if the baby does not come as scheduled, but in the rare instance that is not the case, please discuss the policy of refunds or alternate sessions that can take place with your photographer. Fresh 48’s are certainly unpredictable, and say a baby arrives two weeks early and your photographer is on  vacation, there is communication that will have to happen in those instances!

Now onto why you absolutely should not skip out on this session. We all know babies change rapidly but that newborn stage is fleeting and they exit it rapidly. Within the first 48 hours changes truly begin to take place as they are experiencing the world, and for some it is something that is truly missed in the chaos of it all. The goal of fresh 48’s is to have these memories when you may have been frazzled and exhausted at the time. Plus, someday they will be fun to look back at with your little one, and it’s so special to have a piece of their first days in the world. Fresh 48 photos are perfect for putting in nurseries, baby books, and giving to family/posting as a birth announcement. They are versatile and oh so special, and I encourage all parents-to-be to look into them!

Thanks for reading and as always, click here to contact me with any questions or inquiries!