Mini or Full...

I get a lot of questions about what the difference is between a mini-session and a full photo session, so here is a crash course on the differences between the two. I will particularly be talking about family minis versus fulls which i only offer minis 1x per year for families, but I also offer senior minis and fulls that are a bit different!

1 | Length of Session 

One main difference is the session length. My family mini-sessions are a maximum of 30 minutes, which gives enough time to snap a small variety of poses. A mini-session is more preferred when you're just looking for a short and simple session. This style is typically more of a portrait session versus a natural lifestyle session. A full photo session is 60 minutes! This is much better for a family who has the time and wants a bit of a slower paced session, along with more influence over how the photos look.

2 | Location of Session

Mini sessions are usually selected by the photographer, and a full session location is typically chosen by the client (within reason of travel!) For my mini-sessions, the location must be near Anoka, Minnesota, and are available on weekday evenings only. My full sessions are available on weekdays or weekends at sunset, based on my availability. Depending on the distance, many photographers including myself, may charge a travel fee. Some photographers may only offer one round of mini-sessions each year in one specific location (ex. Sunflower fields, Beach, Barn, City, etc.)

3| Amount of Photos

For a family mini, you receive a gallery of 25 images of your choice. Generally I send a proof gallery and as my client you let me know which ones you like the best and would like to be finalized. Full sessions I give out 50+ photos per session, which is directly coordinating with the time that is allotted to get a large variety of photos.

4 | Price of Session

Mini-sessions are shorter and yield less final photos, therefore they're less of a financial investment than a full session would be. My family minis as of May 2023 sit at $425 per session, and a full session is about $575 per session. I like to say the full session is like shopping at Costco! It costs more up front, but you get more for what you pay for. However, minis are a great way to get a sampler of a photographer you really like who may be a bit out of your current budget.

I hope this helps with your decision to book a mini-session or a full family session! I only book Mini sessions 1-2 times per year! Click here to see the breakdown of my family photography packages to learn more. As always, please reach out if you have any questions!