These Moments are Precious and Fleeting...

Time to talk about some of my absolute favorite sessions to do! I call these mommy/daddy and me sessions, and I have yet to do one that isn't absolutely adorable and heart melting. Mommy/Daddy and me sessions are a kind of mini session that some photographers like to do, which captures either mom or dad with their little ones. They are different from family minis as the setting of them is usually quite a bit more neutral.

Why chose a mommy/daddy and me session versus a family session?

A lot of people may be wondering just why they should select this kind of session over a family session. The truth is, parents deserve to be recognized individually with their children too! Of course you're a working unit, but sessions like these allow for so much more depth with an individual parents relationship with their children. It gives room for them to be loved and appreciated. I have also found that some parents don't particularly like doing photo sessions, while their other half may find them extremely important or special. This is a great solution to that! They are a way for the parent who wants these memory making photos to have it captured in a small dose instead of doing a full family session. I am also a firm supporter in getting in as many of the special sessions in as you can while your little ones are still little.

Another reason is that I find many times in a two parent household, one certainly does more picture taking than the other. Sometimes I find with my own family, my husband is in a lot more photos with the kids than I am because I'm always behind the camera! Sure we have our selfies of everyone together, but there is something special about getting these photos done as well where you don't have to worry about the awkward angles and framing. Plus I never find myself really wanting to print and display these selfies we all take, just because again they can look a little awkward. Mommy/daddy and me sessions are the perfect solution to this problem. It gives the parent who is rarely in pictures to have the opportunity to make up for that lost time with some perfectly posed and decorated images. These are absolutely perfect to frame for the home or even the office, and can make some pretty amazing gifts!

I myself run Motherhood mini sessions with a special setup yearly, unfortunately they didn't happen this year because i moved to a new location and didn't have enough time for planning them. I do offer them by request with a more simplified setup anytime! Many photographers will run mommy/daddy and me minis yearly minis and have limited bookings, so always be on the look out. If you'd like updates on when I'll be running my motherhood minis next year, follow me on Instagram for live updates!

Thank you all again for reading, and as always feel free to click here to contact me with any questions!

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