"Wherever Life Plants You, Bloom With Grace..."

I’ve expressed time and time again my love for the fall season. The colors, the warmth, the cozy vibes, but I think it’s time I talk about another part of the fall season that some people may not be familiar with; Sunflower photoshoots. 

1| What is a Sunflower Session?

A sunflower session is a unique photo package some photographers will provide, given if the season is right. Essentially, your photographer will book slots at a sunflower field in order to take photos for clients. These fields are well acquainted with their picturesque vibes, and will often have ‘props’ (tractors, bridges, benches, etc.) for families to pose with in their photos. Sometimes a photographer will also try to schedule it around the sunset as well, so you really get to pair the sunflowers' beauty with golden hour. This can be a session for singles, family, or friends, and they make for the most beautiful photos to display in your home!

2|Why chose a sunflower photoshoot?

Some people don’t quite understand the hype behind standing in a field of flowers to take photos, but I’m telling you, these pictures are the real deal! If you want something unique in comparison to regular fall sessions, this is the absolute perfect choice. It adds such a unique quality to photos, and truly makes them appear like a work of art. Sunflowers make any picture appear like it’s straight out of a fantasy, and boy does it make the subjects of the photo glow!

Personally, I think these sessions are perfect to get a revamp of your family pictures. I also find that dressing for these sessions can be easier than dressing for a fall session, and the photos turn out to be more versatile in the warm months (meaning they fit to be displayed for Spring, Summer, or Fall)! To dress for a sunflower session, I often suggest clients either go with a very ‘cottage core/farm like’ vibe or just go for some tried and true light colors! You don’t want anything too crazy in the pictures, because the sunflowers already have a lot going on in the background, so sometimes with these sessions less is more!

If you haven’t done so already, I really do suggest looking into sunflower sessions, and taking a look at the ones I’ll be posting this season!

Thanks for reading and as always, click here to contact me with any questions or inquiries!

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