Let these Moments Shine like Gold in your Memories...

Sunset seems like the one part of the day the world truly seems to fall still in peace, and this moment reflects in photography. The golden hour sun turns the world into the same beautiful hue, warming our skin and the earth. This period of time really shows off the natural beauty of the world and everything in it. Everything seems so perfect during this time, which is why I purposefully set many of my family and other sessions during it. The raw beauty of these pictures are truly some of the most magical photos I produce.

Now you may be wondering, “What is golden hour?” Golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. The angle of the sun creates a warm and dimensional glow all around us. This especially looks gorgeous during the Spring, Summer and Fall, bringing a golden color into every single photo. On top of creating a stunning backdrop, the diffused golden hour light adds a touch of a glowing tan, naturally blurs any imperfections, and evokes a sense of joy.

While golden hour is beyond picture perfect, there's also a very particular method when it comes to capturing this perfect moment. You have to make sure your photographer is able and aware to execute it! Some of these things include:

- Using lens flare properly

- Knowing how to pose to avoid harsh shadows

-Working quickly (Golden hour, as the name implies, is short!)

- Controlling haze to get that dreamy, glowing effect

If you’re considering whether or not booking a golden hour session is for you, take a peek at some of my favorite photos below! In my opinion, it is so worth it to make the most out of the early hours of the morning or before the sunset. Be sure to keep in mind that golden hour is different depending on the time of the year and the weather... a cloudy day won't exactly give the same effect as a clear one would!