"Believe you can and you're already halfway there..."

This is such an exciting post for me! About a month ago, I officially announced that I had moved to a new studio. Many of you may be familiar with my old storefront studio located in downtown Anoka that I had been at for about five years, and while that studio holds so many amazing memories for me and my clients, it was time to grow. That studio, while beautiful, was being completely outgrown. 

I’ve taken this time to reflect on the past few years, and be grateful for how far I’ve come. If you had told me years ago that I would have the opportunity to move into such a beautiful new space, I’m not sure I would have believed you. That storefront Anoka studio was a dream come true in itself. Its beautiful windows, and bustling small town atmosphere, is not one I will easily forget. I am so happy I got to spend many formative years of my career making memories with others in that studio, but most of all, I am so very thankful for how I have come across the ability to grow. When I began, I was taking photos in my very own kitchen, that was the seed of my journey. Then I moved to my first real studio, lofted up in an old building on main street in Anoka, becoming my roots. Then my storefront, with its charming personality next to an antique shop and sitting just above the river, became my leaves and stem. Now, this new studio has given me such a beautiful opportunity to bloom! 

Change is something that can be scary, and something I’ve thought a lot about. The decision making process was hard, and it was even harder to say goodbye to the memories I made in my old studio. I have captured moments for hundreds of families, said hello to many newborns as they ventured into the world, and have even seen my own family grow within that studio. It’s bittersweet to move on, and recognize the things you once knew as staying stagnant as you run ahead, but I’ve concluded that this is a wonderful privilege of life. If we ever had an experience together in that old studio of mine, I thank you. I truly from the bottom of my heart thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I hope those memories I captured for you last a lifetime. More importantly though, I hope to see you again in this new place I get to call mine. 

Below, I’m going to insert some pictures of my new space, but let me just gush before heading out! This new studio is much bigger than my last, and don’t worry, It is not far at all! This studio is located in Ramsey Minnesota, and only a few miles away from my old studio. We have put in tireless work in order to get this place up and running for people to come and enjoy the space as much as I do! I should mention, we now have booking opportunities available for the new studio! If you’ve been waiting to have a session, I absolutely encourage you to book now to come on in and check it out! We have some amazing displays and areas that I think will be just perfect for most anyone. Very important; we even have our own private bathroom now! Exciting I know! I have been thrilled about that for so long now, it truly is just the most perfect space!

I hope you all enjoyed me discussing my journey when it came to my studios, and again, I encourage you all to try and experience my new place in action :) As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!