Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

With the holiday season upon us, a lot of people are looking to have photos for Christmas cards and displays. Many people have questions regarding when holiday photos should be taken, and how to navigate the different options out there. Today I will be explaining the different types of Holiday photos to celebrate Christmas, so you can be well prepared for next year!

1| What are holiday photos?

Holiday photos are pretty much any photo taken during the Christmas/winter season. While they aren't always necessarily themed, many individuals use them for their holiday greeting cards and for gifts during the holiday season! Grandparents just love receiving the updated portraits of all the grandkids for Christmas, so I always say booking a holiday session is best for that!

Although the term ‘Holiday Session’ often refers to a Christmas inspired photo session, they don’t necessarily only pertain to Christmas! No matter your religion or celebrations during this season, I encourage everyone to try this type of cozy vibe session at least once for their families!

2| What kinds of holiday sessions are there?

Anything you can think of for those Christmas/holiday vibes, probably exists out there! Here are some options so you know what interests you and what to look out for;

  • Tree Farm Photos! Photographers will reserve a spot in a local tree farm, and the tree farm then allows families to get photos among their evergreen trees that are commonly used as Christmas trees. These sessions can be quite cold as they are outside, so I always advise dressing warm and really leaning into that cozy energy.

  • Outdoor holiday photos! This is similar to the tree farm photos in the way that it will be cold and I recommend cozy vibes. The difference is this is usually a display the photographer has set up themselves, or has chosen a ‘holiday like’ area. Not too long ago, I did outdoor photos with a small holiday set up in front of some evergreen trees, and they turned out so cute! Tree farm photos don’t allow for freedom of many props or displays, so this is one option if you prefer a set up!

  • Studio holiday photos! This is in a controlled environment, usually inside a photographers studio on a set. I recommend these photos if you and your family have organized and set Christmas photos that aren’t exactly made to embrace the elements, or if you just don’t want to chance it with what mother nature may have in store! For my own kids, I personally really love doing pajama photos in the studio for Christmas cards. We do them every year and they always end up looking so cute and festive!

Now that you know some options, I encourage you to explore the details of these types of sessions! I should note that holiday sessions are typically done in advance of the holiday season in order to allow for photographer editing time, and for time for Christmas cards to be manufactured by you. By the time this is posted, I recommend you begin your pondering for next year!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here ! Happy holidays, I hope that it is a blessed season for you all!

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