Don't Let the Cold Stop You...

During the winter months, the time in which we can/want to take photos outside is pretty limited. That said, life doesn’t stop just because of our harsh Minnesota weather! Just because it’s cold and dreary doesn’t mean you have to forgo capturing memories until the ground thaws. The solution lies in studio sessions! 

What to know about studio sessions

Some photographers, like myself, are fortunate enough to have a studio space to use. My studio space is in downtown Anoka, right near city hall! Having a studio space allows me to be safe from all the elements, and have just the cutest setups indoors. 

Studio sessions for the most part use artificial lighting. While outdoor sessions rely on the sky for our light, indoor sessions allow for it to be a bit more controlled! This allows for a more predictable and consistent look, which is something many people appreciate!

Is there anything different I need to do for a studio session? 

For the most part? Nope! The only thing you don’t have to worry about is being dressed for the elements. A studio session allows for more control in that way, like I said! The only thing to note is it will be less space vs outdoors, as many studios are typically not a huge space. I suggest limiting the amount of people brought inside, as it can often get overwhelming with unnecessary bodies! 

There are perks to both indoor and outdoor sessions, and they even have a different overall look! I recommend looking at some studio sessions and seeing if that’s an overall vibe that interests you. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Until next time!

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