A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words!

Every single person is unique in their personality, interest, life, and passions. As a photographer, I feel as though some people are daunted to let their creative side shine through when it comes to requesting certain sessions. Personally, I adore when my client bring me knew ideas with a vision in mind to capture what they want to show to the camera. It's so special to be the catalyst to someone's self expression! I'm going to explain what a unique or 'specialty' session can look like, and the various ways I've done them (or seen them) before!

1| What is a Specialty Session?

To me, a specialty session can look like a million different things. I've has clients come to me and request some wonderful moments to capture that I don't necessarily offer in packages. Photographers are flexible, and in our own way, we are artists too. Taking pictures and editing is our creation, making memories to last you a life time! I would never want my clients to feel like the image I give them as the end result doesn't truly show who they are as a person. Whether it be a certain vibe or theme, I'm always able and willing to work with my clients to see what we can create.

Another kind of specialty session in my opinion, are sessions for a specific purpose that packages aren't usually created specifically for. Ex. I did some photos for a small prom group (as seen below) as a sort of mini session, and they turned out so cute!

2| How to Coordinate Doing a Themed or Unique Session

Not all photographers are down with giving up creative freedom, or have the time to put the extra work into specialty sessions, and that's okay! Often times, they're open to conversation to see how you can balance both your vison and theirs, and also discover what price point it would put you at. As Specialty sessions aren't the norm, different photographers may have different opinions or methods in executing them based on their ability and inspiration with the idea. Make sure you do your research and communicate with your photographer! Don't schedule a lakeside location for a session and just show up in pirate outfits on a boat... I can guarantee you your photographer will not be pleased.

3| The Bottom Line

I encourage adding those beautiful personal touches to sessions, but always make sure you communicate your intentions and needs with your photographers. Unique sessions are SO much fun! They always come out looking so different from a photographers usual style, and for me personally, they're a fun creative exercise to step out of my comfort zone. With sessions like these, it feels very much like I'm the painter and you're the muse, together we can create something beautiful!

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