It’s a lot of pressure, right? 

Hiring the right photographer can be difficult because you’re essentially putting your complete trust in a stranger to capture some of the most special moments in your life. You want your photos to shine but also hope to have a great experience at the same time. You want a photographer who understands your concerns, will keep an eye out for those flyaways that won’t behave, and will allow you and your family to relax. It is also essential that the photos and the process to get your photos are exactly what you’re looking for and more!

Here are 5 questions you should ask every potential photographer you want to hire to ensure they are the right one for you.

1 | Do They Specialize in Your Desired Niche? 

Finding a photographer who spends a majority of their time photographing what you need is essential. For example, a product photographer may not be the best choice for your family photos. It’s important to keep in mind that there is more to photography than taking beautiful photos. Those beautiful photos don't necessarily mean that photographer is the best choice for you. You should align yourself with someone who knows all of the little tricks for your specific need rather than someone who may not have as much experience in what you're looking for.

2 | What is Their Style of Photography? 

This is a BIG one. Some photographers prefer bright and airy, while others like dark and moody photos. You also may have photographers who direct all of the poses and are very specific while others are more free-flowing and capture images as they happen naturally. You want to find a photographer who not only edits the photos the way you would like but also manages the photoshoot that matches how you like to work! 

3 | Do Your Personalities Match? 

As humans, we naturally enjoy spending time with people similar to ourselves. Working with a photographer is no different! If you’re worried about your family feeling comfortable, it’s important to get a sense of who the photographer is when asking them questions to gauge if you would like working with them. 

4 | What Planning Help do They Provide? 

Ask the photographer if they offer assistance with selecting clothing, a location, suggestions for posing, etc. For my clients, I have a ‘What to Wear’ guide I send out with each family session booked! This helps ease the minds of a lot of families prior to their session.

5 | What is Their Image Delivery Turnaround Time? 

Session complete- yes! Now, when do you get to see your images? Be sure to ask your photographer when you should expect to see your images after a session is complete. Be clear up front so you have defined expectations and aren’t surprised later! For all Jennifer Beck Photography clients, I post previews within a week and a full edited session is sent digitally within 2-3 weeks.

Bonus | Read Their Reviews 

This isn't necessarily a question, but I wanted to include it because this is an essential part of the research process! Reviews will tell you a LOT about the little things a photographer does that may not come up in your initial conversations. For instance, they may bring coffee to a shoot, they may be super punctual, they help with posing, are super fun and friendly, and other small things. You’ll also get social proof from their past clients to validate your photographer’s skills and capabilities! You can read all of my Google reviews here.

The Bottom Line

As a photographer, I want potential clients to be fully informed before making any decisions! Regardless of who you hire to be your photographer (whether it is me or someone else), my wish for everyone is that they receive the images they are hoping for and have an amazing experience as well.

If you have further questions, shoot me an email and let’s talk about it!